September 12, 2019, Toronto

The JS Testing Conference

Assert(js) is a conference for JavaScript developers focused on testing. From TDD techniques and process to JS testing tools and frameworks, both UI and Node.js.

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Why are we doing this?

As developers we know that automated testing helps us write better code, build more reliable products, and keep our development velocity consistently high. As JavaScript developers we also know that our platform evolved from a place where testing wasn’t always highly in focus.

However, JavaScript has become a modern app development platform and JS testing tools have undergone multiple generations of progress in a few short years. The Assert(js) Conference intends to help JS developers of all types better understand and share their best practices and experiences with JS testing tools.

More than talks

We think a conference should be much more than just great talks, it's a chance to make connections with people who are working on, or have solved, some of the same challenges as you. Connect with the speakers and other attendees during the conference day and at the after-party!

Learn more about Toronto, our venue, and the after-party.

Stickers and Shirts

They're not just conference swag, we made some awesome "Unit Test" stickers and tees that you'll definitely want to see. We have a few leftovers so get them while they're still around!

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What they said about last year

  The answer to the question "can you have an entire conf dedicated to JS testing" was a resounding "YES!"
— Kevin Lamping, Attendee

  I thoroughly enjoyed the Assert(js) conference in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and am already putting some of what I learned there into practice.
— Willie Alberty, Attendee

  “AssertJS was fantastic! I look forward to next year. I have so much material to digest.”
— Nate Smith, Attendee

  “Had a great time at #AssertJS !!! Great devs and amazing speakers! 💯👏”
— Jess Liv, Attendee

  “The core staff that ran the event did a fantastic job. I hope I can attend the event next year. I left this event feeling motivated to improve testing in my organization and generally more energized by having had the opportunity to talk with other developers. If you get the chance, you should go as well.”
— Denny Headrick, Attendee

  Thank you to the organizers of @assertjs! The conference was awesome and I can’t wait for next year!
— Robert DeLuca, Attendee

  Really enjoyed #AssertJS. Nice mix of new technologies and wide (sometimes conflicting) ideas about how & what to test.
— Joshua Ohlman, Attendee

  Congrats to #AssertJS for putting on an amazing event. Excellent content and conversations. Looking forward to next year!
— Randall Kent, Attendee

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