September 12, 2019, Toronto

Propose a talk

CFP deadline: June 15, 2019

We're interested in everything to do with testing for JS developers. Talks about specific tools are great, and we definitely want some of those, but we would also like to encourage talks about how the practice of automated testing as developers helps us create better products and write better code. Topics such as TDD, philosophies and strategies for automated testing, lessons and stories from successes and failures.

This is an area where there are many different opinions. We welcome opposing views and we won't shy away from controversial topics.

Proposals should include as much detail about the topic and format for the presentation as possible. Detail matters; vague proposals face an uphill climb. Share with us WHO you are, WHY you’re excited about testing, and WHY we should get excited about seeing you speak!

For inspiration, check out the talks from Assert(js) 2018.

What last year's speakers said

  I felt the team made a big effort to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere which I appreciated a lot.
— Jessica Jordan, Assert(js) Speaker

  I thought the conference was great and extremely well organized.
— Mary Snow, Assert(js) Speaker

  Now that I am back in Boston I must say: organizers of @assertjs from @ok_grow did an amazing job. Both speakers and the audience were 100% taken care of. 👏 1000 times over.
— Gleb Bahmutov, Assert(js) Speaker

  “Back home from the inaugural Assert(js) and it was a great first year for the conference. Was humbled by the reaction to my talk...but mostly just thrilled to have a space to have nuanced/advanced conversations about JavaScript testing.”
— Justin Searls, Assert(js) Speaker